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Jo, Zette and Jocko

#1 The Secret Ray, Parts One and Two: The 'Manitoba' No Reply; The Eruption of Karamako

ISBN: 9780951279953

Pages: 116

Year: 1994

Format: Softcover

Art & Script: Hergé

Jo, Zette et Jocko,,, Les aventures de

#3 (1952) French Le Rayon du Mystère 1er épisode, Le "Manitoba" ne répond plus (as The 'Manitoba' No Reply) (52p)

#4 (1952) French Le Rayon du Mystère 2ème épisode, L'éruption du Karamako (as TheEruption of Karamako) (52p)

Jo, Zette and Jocko escape the undersea base in an amphibious tank, and end up on an island. But their problems are far from over. They have to deal with cannibals, modern-day pirates, gangsters, the media and there is still the mad scientist who wants them for his evil plans.

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