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Other Side of the Wall, The

drüben !

Art: Simon Schwartz

Script: Simon Schwartz

Status: One Shot

Genre: Historical

Simon Schwartz was born in 1982 in East Germany, at a time when the repressive Socialist Unity Party of Germany controlled the area. Shortly before Simon's birth, his parents decided to leave their home in search of greater freedoms on the other side of the Berlin Wall. But East German authorities did not allow the Schwartzes to leave for almost three years. In the meantime, Simon's parents struggled with the costs of their decision: the loss of work, the attention of the East German secret police, and the fragmentation of their family. In his debut graphic novel, Simon Schwartz tells the true story of his parents' coming of age in East Germany, their rejection of the communist way of life, and the challenges of leaving that world behind.

2009 102p.drüben !
Original CoverGraphic Universe: The Other Side of the Wall

New! The Other Side of the Wall

By: Graphic Universe

ISBN: 9781467760287 (112p.) (2015) Format: Softcover