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 Sample of Zone sinistrée

Slum Nation

Zone sinistrée

Art: Zalozabal

Script: Zalozabal

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Science Fiction

1. 2006 46p.La communauté
Original CoverSAF Comics: Slum Nation #1: The CommunityHeavy Metal Special #42: 2006 Steam Punk

Bull Slum Nation #1: The Community

By: SAF Comics

ISBN: 9789077001974 (48p.) (2006) Format: Hardcover

Bull Heavy Metal Special #42: 2006 Steam Punk

As: 'The Community'

Detective Doug Balthus owes money and assumes his life is over. But a gang leader makes him an offer: Find my niece and your debt will be forgotten. Life gets complicated when Doug meets a dancer - and she wants him to live with her

2. 2006 46p.Folie d'amour
Original CoverSAF Comics: Slum Nation #2: Crazy of LoveHeavy Metal Special #52: 2009 Arcane

Bull Slum Nation #2: Crazy of Love

By: SAF Comics

ISBN: 9789078285397 (48p.) (2006) Format: Hardcover

Bull Heavy Metal Special #52: 2009 Arcane

As: 'Crazy Love'

Doug wanders from one shady clinic to another, trying to recover his lost arm after he was left with only a cheap prosthesis. Then, Doug hears from a former Secret Service agent he thought was dead. Now she works for the new government, and she needs Doug's help in infiltrating the organ trade black market. But why is she so interested in something as ordinary as organ trading? And how come Doug smelled T.O.T. on her - a drug with dangerous psychotic side effects? Realizing he doesn't care and has nothing to lose, Doug agrees to help - until he discovers that she isn't interested in organ trafficking, it's nuclear weapons she wants!

3. 2009 46p.Like a Rolling Stone
SAF Comics: Slum Nation #3: Like a Rolling Stone

Bull Slum Nation #3: Like a Rolling Stone

By: SAF Comics

ISBN: Format: Hardcover

ired and in agony, Doug wanders through the ruins of America looking for leads to the whereabouts of his only son. As he crosses a deserted town, whose residents fled due to radiation and sickness, the ex-cop meets up with Meg, a little girl who - in spite of the bombs, rats and violence - has found a way to survive. Doug rescues her from a dangerous situation, and she then tells him that someone has been trying to find her by putting up "missing" posters all over the dead city.