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 Sample of Zombillénium



Art: Arthur De Pins

Script: Arthur De Pins

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy/Humour

1. 2010 46p.Gretchen
Original CoverNBM: Zombillennium #1: Gretchen

New! Zombillennium #1: Gretchen


ISBN: 9781561637348 (48p.) (2013) Format: Hardcover

Francis von Bloodt, a vampire and good family man, operates the one-of-a-kind theme park Zombiellennium. But this unique amusement park doesn't just hire anyone: mere mortals need not apply - only genuine werewolves, vampires, zombies and other citizens from the undead community are employed. This is what Aurelian gets to discover as, burnt out, deceived by his wife, he finally gets hired in spite of himself in this strange business. Gretchen, a plucky trainee witch, helps him get around

2. 2011 49p.Ressources humaines
Original CoverNBM: Zombillennium #2: Human Resources

New! Zombillennium #2: Human Resources


ISBN: 9781561638505 (48p.) (2014) Format: Hardcover

Tempers are flaring around Zombiellenium, the monster amusement park run by monsters! Hiring only the undead in a town ravaged by unemployment has not been a popular move, and Gretchen and Aurelian must face opposition not only from a group of activists, but from a mysterious visitor with two equally strange sons. The head of the park remembers them from somewhere...