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 Sample of Wayne Shelton

Wayne Shelton

Art: Christian Denayer

Script: Jean Van Hamme

Color: Bertrand Denoulet

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Detective/Thriller

Meet Wayne Shelton, the man you call when you want the impossible done.

1. 2001 54p.La mission
Original CoverCinebook: Wayne Shelton #1: The Mission

New! Wayne Shelton #1: The Mission

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181594 (56p.) (2013) Format: Softcover

When a high-ranking official of a small nation in the Caucasus is killed in a car accident, the plans of a massive multinational corporation are derailed by one man: the unfortunate French trucker who caused the accident. Pressure from the unions in France and the military in Khalakjistan prevents a quick diplomatic solution. So, to secure its own interests, the corporation calls upon the one man who can break the trucker out of prison and disarm the confrontation: Wayne Shelton.

2. 2002 62p.La trahison
Original CoverCinebook: Wayne Shelton #2: The Betrayal

New! Wayne Shelton #2: The Betrayal

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849181846 (64p.) (2014) Format: Softcover

Wayne Shelton is ready to proceed with the mission and spring his quarry from a Khalak prison. There is a small concern over Madrier, the Frenchman who talked his way onto the team - only to abandon them after he was revealed to be the son of a Khalak dissident. A job's a job, though, and Shelton gave his word to his employer. But what if there are other separate, secret interests among the little band that could jeopardise everything?

3. 2003 54p.Le contratScript: Thierry Cailleteau
Original CoverCinebook: Wayne Shelton #3: The Contract

New! Wayne Shelton #3: The Contract

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849182690 (56p.) (2015) Format: Softcover

Wayne Shelton has a sad duty to fulfil: give the heirs of his deceased team members their share of the pay for the disastrous Khalakjistan mission. But the solemnity of the task is quickly shattered: two hitmen attempt to shoot him in South America, then a bomb is placed under his car in the USA. Who exactly placed such an extravagant price on Shelton's head? And who's the mysterious biker trailing him?

4. 2004 54p.Le survivantScript: Thierry Cailleteau
Original Cover
5. 2006 50p.La vengeanceScript: Thierry Cailleteau
Original Cover
6. 2007 46p.L'otageScript: Thierry Cailleteau
Original Cover
7. 2008 46p.La lance de LonginusScript: Thierry Cailleteau
Original Cover
8. 2009 52p.La nuit des aiglesScript: Thierry Cailleteau
Original Cover
9. 2010 46p.Son altesse Honesty !
Original Cover
10. 2011 48p.La rançon
Original Cover