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 Sample of Ville qui nexistait pas, La

Town That Didn't Exist, The

Ville qui n'existait pas, La

Art: Enki Bilal

Script: Pierre Christin

Status: One Shot

Genre: Science Fiction

Mr. Hannard the tycoon dies at age 93, leaving his hometown foundry on strike and unrest at the textile mill. The managers of his larger conglomerate are ready to swoop in and make things right. Hannard's granddaughter, Madeleine, has other ideas. "I have to pay for the sins of my family," she says. Buying off or coopting the managers, she builds a new town for the workers where decisions and resources are shared. The new town is in domes sealed off from the rest of the world, with fantastic architecture, but no rewards for initiative. Some people from outside are jealous, and some people inside are bored.

1977 54p.La ville qui n'existait pas
Original CoverHumanoids: The Town That Didnt ExistHumanoids: Bilal Library #2: TownscapesHeavy Metal #72: 1983 March [+6 magazines]Catalan Communications: The Town That Didnt Exist

Bull The Town That Didn't Exist

By: Humanoids

ISBN: 9781930652378 (56p.) (2003) Format: Hardcover

Bull Bilal Library #2: Townscapes

By: Humanoids

As: 'The Town That Didn't Exist'

ISBN: 9781401203610 (176p.) (2004) Format: Hardcover, Undersized

Bull Heavy Metal #72: 1983 March [+6 magazines]

As: 'The City That Didn't Exist'

Bull The Town That Didn't Exist

By: Catalan Communications

ISBN: 9780874160512 (56p.) (1989) Format: Softcover