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 Sample of Trait de craie

Streak of Chalk

Trait de craie

Art: Miguelanxo Prado

Script: Miguelanxo Prado

Status: One Shot

Genre: Graphic Novel

A pair of opening quotes from S.S. Van Dyne and Jorge Luis Borges prepares the reader for unreliable narration. The comics medium proves apt for the experiment. All of the text is here placed in rectangles spotted around the panels. Even words that are clearly dialogue or ruminations of the characters appear without the usual tails or pointers of word or thought balloons. The effect is that, after several pages, the reader is forced to begin guessing to connect words to characters. The story is sparse. Two sailors in separate small boats are tied up at a tiny island, inhabited only by a storekeeping mother and son. The sailors, Raul and Ana, are interested in each other and have an almost-relationship. Some mean people come by and stir things up, and the four main characters react in ways that reveal things about themselves, but don't result in a resolved narrative.

1993 88p.Trait de craie
Original CoverNBM: Streak of Chalk

Bull Streak of Chalk


ISBN: 9781561631087 (88p.) (1994) Format: Softcover