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 Sample of Tib et Tatoum

Tib and Tamtam

Tib et Tatoum

Art: Bannister

Script: Grimaldi

Color: Grimaldi

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Youth

1. 2011 46p.Bienvenue au clan !
Original CoverGraphic Universe: Tib & Tumtum #1: Welcome to the Tribe!

New! Tib & Tumtum #1: Welcome to the Tribe!

By: Graphic Universe

ISBN: 9781467715225 (48p.) (2013) Format: Softcover

All of the grownups in Tib's prehistoric tribe know that the dinosaurs disappeared ages ago. So of course they don't believe that Tib has made friends with one. But Tumtum the dinosaur is very clever at hiding from grownups. When the friendly red dino saves the tribe's kids from a pack of hungry wolves while the startled adults look on, the shaman decides that perhaps it's time to welcome a dinosaur into the tribe.

2. 2013 46p.Mon dinosaure a du talent !
Original CoverGraphic Universe: Tib & Tumtum #2: My Amazing Dinosaur

New! Tib & Tumtum #2: My Amazing Dinosaur

By: Graphic Universe

ISBN: 9781467721813 (48p.) (2014) Format: Softcover

he tribe knows that Tib's friend, Tumtum, is real. But not everyone loves the red dinosaur as much as Tib does. The other children aren't interested in playing with the creature, and they make fun of Tib more than ever. And some adults are still worried that Tumtum is dangerous. Tib's mother even forbids Tib from seeing his friend! How can Tib prove to the tribe that there's more to this dinosaur than meets the eye?