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 Sample of The long tomorrow

Long tomorrow, The

The long tomorrow

Art: Moebius

Script: Dan O'Bannon

Status: One Shot

Genre: Science Fiction

Private eye Pete Club is hired by a woman named Dolly to retrieve a package from a locker. He returns to find his employer apparently dead, and the police looking for the major's brain, which has been stolen by an Arcturian spy. Dolly had been a confidant of the major's. After an attempt on his own life, Club takes the package from the locker home and finds the major's brain in it. Dolly shows up, says her presumptive corpse was an android double, and asks for Pete's help. They make love, then he finds out she's the spy, and he kills her. Originally written in English.

1989 54p.The Long Tomorrow
Original CoverHeavy Metal #4: 1977 July [+1 magazines]Dark Horse: Moebius (DH) #2: H.P.s Rock CityHeavy Metal: Heavy Metal Presents #6: Is Man Good?Graphitti Design: Moebius HC #2: Moebius 2Epic Comics: Moebius, Complete #4: The Long Tomorrow

Bull Heavy Metal #4: 1977 July [+1 magazines]

As: 'The Long Tomorrow'

Bull Moebius (DH) #2: H.P.'s Rock City

By: Dark Horse

As: 'The Long Tomorrow'

ISBN: 9781569711330 (80p.) (1996) Format: Softcover

Bull Heavy Metal Presents #6: Is Man Good?

By: Heavy Metal

As: 'The Long Tomorrow'

ISBN: 9780930368920 (1978) Format: Softcover

Bull Moebius HC #2: Moebius 2

By: Graphitti Design

As: 'The Long Tomorrow'

ISBN: 9780936211114 Format: Hardcover, Signed, Limited Edition

Bull Moebius, Complete #4: The Long Tomorrow

By: Epic Comics

ISBN: 9781852860431 (72p.) (1987) Format: Softcover