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 Sample of Sybil - La fée cartable

Sybil the Backpack Fairy

Sybil - La fée cartable

Art: Manuela Razzi, Antonello Dalena

Script: Michel Rodrigue

Color: Cecilia Giumento

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Youth

Meet Nina, your average middle-schooler, complete with little brother, a single mom with no time for her, and not a lot of luck at school. The cliques are rough, and life, as far as Nina can tell, isn't much fun at all. That is, until she meets her new friend Sybil. Meet Sybil, your average mystical fairy, bonded to Nina through ancient magic and on a mission to help her get back at her tormentors at school. But Sybil has problems of her own, and she'll need Nina's help to protect her own world from demons, evil fairies, and sea monsters!

1. 2009 48p.Nina
Original CoverPapercutz: Sybil the Backpack Fairy #1: Nina

Bull Sybil the Backpack Fairy #1: Nina

By: Papercutz

ISBN: 9781597072854 (48p.) (2011) Format: Hardcover

Nina is a girl in middle school with a little brother and a single mom who barely has enough time to spend with her. Put down at school by nasty cliques, Nina's life is not much fun. All this changes when a magical fairy named Sybil turns up in Nina's backpack! Sybil and Nina have a blast giving Nina's tormentors a taste of their own medicine. There's only one problem: demons from the magical world that Sybil comes from have followed her to our dimension, and they're out to cause some damage of their own!

2. 2010 46p.Amanite
Original CoverPapercutz: Sybil the Backpack Fairy #2: Amanite

Bull Sybil the Backpack Fairy #2: Amanite

By: Papercutz

ISBN: 9781597073059 (48p.) (2012) Format: Hardcover

Nina loves having her fairy friend Sybil around - she's the only person who can see or hear Sybil and the two have formed a special bond. When Sybil unexpectedly disappears, a new fairy named Amanite mysteriously appears to take her place. Amanite tricks Nina into following her to a magical underwater world, where Nina is transformed into a tiny mermaid at the mercy of hungry sea monsters. How will Nina survive without her friend Sybil?

3. 2011 48p.Aïthor
Original CoverPapercutz: Sybil the Backpack Fairy #3: Aithor

Bull Sybil the Backpack Fairy #3: Aithor

By: Papercutz

ISBN: 9781597073691 (48p.) (2012) Format: Hardcover

Having a fairy friend can be fun, but it's not easy. When Nina first met the fairy Sybil and her companion Pandigole, she had no idea the fate of the world would end up resting in her hands. After her defeat the black fairy Amanite has teamed up with the King of Evil, Aithor, planning to destroy the "trees of life" that are found throughout the world of the Fairies. If these trees are destroyed, not only will the fairy world fall, but the world of humans, as well. In response, the King and Queen of the fairies charge Sybil and Nina with the task of stopping Aithor and Amanite, as Nina gets closer to discovering the truth behind a mysterious prophecy that seems to foretell her future.

4. 2013 48p.Princesse Nina
Original CoverPapercutz: Sybil the Backpack Fairy #4: Princess Nina

New! Sybil the Backpack Fairy #4: Princess Nina

By: Papercutz

ISBN: 9781597074155 (48p.) (2013) Format: Hardcover

When Nina is assigned a history report, she and Sybil decide that the only proper way to research is to travel through time and see history for themselves! Though they have a great time meeting Ramses II, Leonardo da Vinci, and Napoleon, the evil fairy Amanite is observing from the sidelines. While Amanite schemes to turn their adventure against them, Nina and Sybil have to figure out a way to stop her . . . or risk being lost in time forever.

5. 2014 48p.La danse du dragon
Original CoverPapercutz: Sybil the Backpack Fairy #5: The Dragons Dance

New! Sybil the Backpack Fairy #5: The Dragon's Dance

By: Papercutz

ISBN: 9781629911717 (48p.) (2015) Format: Hardcover

When you've got a fairy friend like Sybil (or an imagination like Nina's) life is never boring. But sometimes boring is all Nina wants. When Sybil and Pandigole get Nina in to trouble again - this time with a dragon! -will she have finally had enough?