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 Sample of Survivants - Anomalies quantiques


Survivants - Anomalies quantiques

Art: Leo

Script: Leo

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Science Fiction

1. 2011 48p.Survivants - Anomalies quantiques 1
Original CoverCinebook: Survivors #1: The Survivors 1

New! Survivors #1: The Survivors 1

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849182171 (56p.) (2014) Format: Softcover

During the early days of the colonisation of Aldebaran, the second colony ship is lost in transit with all hands, prompting Earth to abandon the project and strand the first wave of colonists. And yet, not everyone perished with the ship. A small group of survivors find themselves on a shuttle, headed towards an unexplored planet. Faced with the dangers of their new home as well as dissensions within the group, they soon discover they may not be alone?

2. 2012 46p.Survivants - Anomalies quantiques 2
Original CoverCinebook: Survivors #2: The Survivors 2

New! Survivors #2: The Survivors 2

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849182430 (56p.) (2015) Format: Softcover

The small group of marooned humans, minus a few individuals who left after a difference of opinions, survived one group of aliens, received help from a second, and is now travelling towards what appears to be a town. But their adoptive planet is a truly peculiar place with many surprises in store: a wild and unknown nature, inhabitants with unpredictable attitudes and morals ... and other, even stranger phenomena well beyond their comprehension!