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 Sample of Survivante, La

Survivor, The

Survivante, La

Art: Paul Gillon

Script: Paul Gillon

Status: Ended

Genre: Science Fiction

100 years before Kim Keller's adventures on Aldebaran, Betelgeuse and Antares, a few humans already faced the dangers of an unknown planet. Another chapter of the Worlds of Aldebaran saga!

1. 1985 45p.La survivante
Original CoverCatalan Communications: Survivor, The #1: Survivor

Bull Survivor, The #1: Survivor

By: Catalan Communications

As: 'The Survivor'

ISBN: 9780874161168 (1990) Format: Softcover

2. 1987 46p.L'héritier
Original CoverCatalan Communications: Survivor, The #2: The Heir

Bull Survivor, The #2: The Heir

By: Catalan Communications

ISBN: 9780874160833 (48p.) (1991) Format: Softcover

3. 1988 45p.La revanche
Original Cover
4. 1991 46p.L'ultimatum
Original Cover