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 Sample of Showman Killer

Showman Killer

Art: Nicolas Fructus

Script: Alexandro Jodorowsky

Status: Ended

Genre: Science Fiction

Space is a dangerous place, made more so by the existence of the Showman Killer, a heartless assassin, genetically engineered by an insane scientist to be devoid of any emotion, and trained to kill. The only things that give him anything approaching pleasure are destruction or money. That is, until a fateful mission throws him into the path of the mysterious and fascinating Ibis.

1. 2010 46p.Un héros sans coeur
Original CoverTitan Books: Showman Killer #1: Heartless Hero

New! Showman Killer #1: Heartless Hero

By: Titan Books

ISBN: 9781782761396 (48p.) (2015) Format: Hardcover

2. 2012 52p.L'Enfant d'or
Original Cover
3. 2012 52p.La Femme invisible
Original Cover