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 Sample of S.A.M.



Art: Shang

Script: Richard Marazano

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Anticipation

In the grim future of our world, Earth has been ravaged by sentient machines, the human race all but exterminated. Only scattered groups of children have survived by hiding in tunnels to escape the murderous robots that still scour the surface

1. 2011 46p.Apr├Ęs l'homme...
Original CoverCinebook: Sam #1: After Man

New! Sam #1: After Man

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849182188 (48p.) (2014) Format: Softcover

One day, a scavenging party for one such group happens upon a massive humanoid robot bearing the letters SAM on its armour. Caught by surprise, young Ian is about to be vaporised - but the machine doesn't shoot!

2. 2013 46p.Chasseurs de robots
Original CoverCinebook: Sam #2: Robot Hunters

New! Sam #2: Robot Hunters

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849182461 (48p.) (2015) Format: Softcover

A year has passed for the community of survivors. Ian and his team are still making dangerous forays to the ravaged surface in search of food and medicine, forced to go ever further each time. But one day, just as they're about to be killed by one of the exterminator robots that constantly patrol the city, they're saved by an old acquaintance not even Ian still hoped to see again: SAM, the strange robot that seems to want to protect the boy.