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 Sample of Room-Mates


Art: Atilio Gambedotti

Script: Atilio Gambedotti

Genre: Erotic

1. 48p.Room-Mates 1
NBM/Eurotica: Room-Mates #1: Room-Mates 1

Bull Room-Mates #1: Room-Mates 1

By: NBM/Eurotica

ISBN: 9781561634330 (48p.) (2005) Format: Softcover

Oh, much more than room-mates! Got a space in your apartment to let? Why not find a willing sex mate as well? And hey, if the roomie don�t put up, out she goes! Fun, raunchy situations from a pair of horny Spanish artists!

2. 48p.Room-Mates 2
NBM/Eurotica: Room-Mates #2: Room-Mates 2

Bull Room-Mates #2: Room-Mates 2

By: NBM/Eurotica

ISBN: 9781561634910 (48p.) (2007) Format: Softcover