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 Sample of Roi des mouches, Le

King of Flies

Roi des mouches, Le

Art: Mezzo

Script: Michel Pirus

Color: Ruby

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Drama

1. 2005 64p.Hallorave
Original CoverFantagraphics: King of the Flies #1: Hallorave

Bull King of the Flies #1: Hallorave

By: Fantagraphics

ISBN: 9781606993200 (64p.) (2010) Format: Hardcover

Contains (English):

Hallorave (7p)

Me and Jimmy (7p)

Crash (5p)

Stocking Up (7p)

The Miracle of Life (5p)

Mr. Clean (7p)

First Time (7p)

Stoned (5p)

Big Ringo Says Fuck You All (5p)

Spring Particles (7p)

Set in a suburb that is both nowhere and everywhere, King of the Flies combines the intricacy and subtlety of the best European graphic novels with a hyper-detailed, controlled noir style derived from the finest American cartoonists. The book first appears to be a series of unrelated short stories, but it soon becomes obvious that these disparate episodes weave together to form a single complex narrative - revolving around Eric, a n'er-do-well, drug-taking teenager at war with his stepfather and, apparently, the whole world.

2. 2008 62p.L'origine du monde
Original CoverFantagraphics: King of the Flies #2: The Origin of the World

Bull King of the Flies #2: The Origin of the World

By: Fantagraphics

ISBN: 9781606993903 (64p.) (2010) Format: Hardcover

Eric the fly-head-wearing teenager is back, as well as his hapless mother and her fianc, the not-quite-ingnue Marie, the worldly Sal, Denis the drug dealer and his one-handed father and, of course, the loopy retro bowling thug Ringo - plus several new cast members.

3. 2013 62p.Sourire suivant
Original CoverFantagraphics: King of the Flies #3: Happy Daze

New! King of the Flies #3: Happy Daze

By: Fantagraphics

ISBN: 9781606996881 (64p.) (2015) Format: Hardcover

Eric, the fly-head wearing teenager is barrelling down the road at 100mph in his convertible, high as a kite. But even the insistent beat of the Modern Lovers classic and a double dose of high-grade amphetamines aren't sufficient for him to escape the increasingly violent and depraved goings-on back in town. Three years after the release of King of the Flies critically acclaimed, eye-opening first episode, Hallorave, the concluding Happy Daze answers that final question - it cant possibly all end well, or can it?