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 Sample of Rocky


Art: Martin Kellerman

Script: Martin Kellerman

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Humour

Rocky was born after Martin Kellerman had been dumped by his girlfriend, lost his job as a gag cartoonist and was kicked out of his apartment. Kellerman then sat down and proceeded to make a comic strip about a dog with similar problems. Enormously successful in the Nordic countries and currently taking Europe by storm, Rocky is an international phenomenon that spans newspapers, comics, magazines, websites, book collections and a play

1. 1998 110p.Rocky 1
Original CoverFantagraphics: Rocky #1: The Big Payback

Bull Rocky #1: The Big Payback

By: Fantagraphics

As: 'Rocky 1'

ISBN: 9781560976790 (96p.) (2005) Format: Softcover

333. 2000 110p.Rocky 2
Fantagraphics: Rocky #2: Strictly Business

Bull Rocky #2: Strictly Business

By: Fantagraphics

As: 'Rocky 2'

ISBN: 9781560978527 (112p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

664. 2002 110p.Rocky 3