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Art: Maƫl

Script: Olivier Morel

Status: One Shot

Genre: Documentary

For thousands of young Americans, after the shock of 9/11, there was Ar Ramadi, Baghdad, Abu Ghraib and then the war in Iraq. Then came the trauma. Olivier Morel gave them a voice in his compelling documentary On the Bridge. Walking Wounded is the story of Morel getting close to the young vets, their troubled experience and their lives after the war. He and artist Mael relate through these veterans the impossible return of those who aspire to get back to a normal life.

2013 108p.Revenants
Original CoverNBM: Walking Wounded : Uncut Stories From Iraq

New! Walking Wounded : Uncut Stories From Iraq


ISBN: 9781561639823 (120p.) (2015) Format: Hardcover