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 Sample of Rapaces



Art: Enrico Marini

Script: Jean Dufaux

Status: Ended

Genre: Fantasy

1. 1998 54p.Rapaces 1
Original CoverNBM: Raptors #1: Raptors 1

Bull Raptors #1: Raptors 1


ISBN: 9781561632435 (56p.) (2000) Format: Softcover

Your kingdom is doomed". Such is written in blood on the walls in a series of very odd murders the beautiful Lt. Lenore is trying to figure out. Each victim has been dispatched with a long needle bursting odd cysts behind the ears. The web of intrigue brings her into a nether world of vampires embroigled in an internecine struggle for power. Indeed, two new arrivals from Europe are busy carrying out a specific plan to overturn the long-established powerful vampiric underworld!

2. 2000 58p.Rapaces 2
Original CoverNBM: Raptors #2: Raptors 2

Bull Raptors #2: Raptors 2


ISBN: 9781561632602 (62p.) (2001) Format: Softcover

In truth, I tell you my brothers... We�ll have to keep vigilant not to give in to the minions of self-conceit! Every race, every civilization comes to its end through no fault but its own...� Can the all-powerful vampiric underworld heed these words before it is too late? The cysts behind their ears is a sign of their vulnerability not shared by the two mysterious arrivals from Europe who continue to wreak havoc among them in a blood-lust of vengeance. But the underworld has ascertained their origin and may have a powerful answer, one the couple can feel the danger of. They meet police detective Lenore, thought dead but still pursuing the underworld, and seduce her to their side in a lustful mesmerizing encounter that engulfs her ever deeper into their vortex of horror!

3. 2001 58p.Rapaces 3
Original CoverNBM: Raptors #3: Raptors 3

Bull Raptors #3: Raptors 3


ISBN: 9781561632985 (56p.) (2002) Format: Softcover

Dufaux and Marini Drago and his sister Camilla, two vampires out for carnage, have come to avenge the death of their father and exterminate one prominent and powerful branch of their kin. The answer to this threat comes in the form of Aznar Akeba, descendant of the same branch as our two vicious avengers. In the middle, Inspector Lenore and her partner Benito Biaggi try to unravel the struggle and keep it from reaching anarchic proportions! An hallucinatory tale of horror, eroticism and thrilling action with breathless gothic imagery.

4. 2003 54p.Rapaces 4
Original CoverNBM: Raptors #4: Raptors 4

Bull Raptors #4: Raptors 4


ISBN: 9781561633715 (56p.) (2004) Format: Softcover

Camilla, one of the two Raptors after the established vampire order, is wounded for the first time in her long life. Detective Lenore tries to cure her. Meanwhile Aznar Akeba, chosen as the defender of the established order, must deal with the revelation that Drago, the other Raptor, is his father and choose which side he�s on. The ultimate confrontation comes to a head in this last volume of the series!