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 Sample of Quick & Flupke

Quick and Flupke

Quick & Flupke

Art: Johan De Moor

Script: Hergé

Status: Ended

Genre: Youth

2. 1985 Jeux interdits
Original CoverEurokids: Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #1: Forbidden GamesMammoth: Quick & Flupke (Mammoth) #1: Double Trouble

Bull Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #1: Forbidden Games

By: Eurokids

ISBN: 9788128615719 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

Bull Quick & Flupke (Mammoth) #1: Double Trouble

By: Mammoth

ISBN: 9780749712068 (48p.) (1992) Format: Softcover

Episodes: Tournament, Flying, Happy Easter, Dangerous Dog, The Swing, Everyone Gets a Turn, Magic, Drama, Posting of Notices Prohibited, Officer No. 15 Pulls a Prank, Directions, Traffic, Haute Couture, Unbreakable, Bravery, Oil-Based Paint, Forbidden Games, William Tell, Same Reasons, Dodging the Fare, The Soapbox, Caution, and Quick the Electrician.

3. 1985 46p.Tout va bienArt & Script: Hergé
Original CoverEurokids: Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #2: Everythings FineMammoth: Quick & Flupke (Mammoth) #2: Two of a Kind

Bull Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #2: Everything's Fine

By: Eurokids

ISBN: 9788128615726 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

Bull Quick & Flupke (Mammoth) #2: Two of a Kind

By: Mammoth

ISBN: 9780749712075 (48p.) (1992) Format: Softcover

Episodes: Manners, How to Build a Glider, Happy Christmas, Mad Dog, A Present for Aunt Mary, Handyman, What Weather!, Having the Last Word, Three of a Kind, Heart of Gold, Rope Trick, Lucky Strike, All or Nothing, Honesty, Hot Stuff, Horror Story, Quick at the Wheel, Acrobatics, Right as Rain, Natural Disaster, Big Mouth, Musical Ear, and A Helping Hand.

4. 1986 47p.Toutes voiles dehorsArt & Script: Hergé
Original CoverEgmont: Quick & Flupke (Egmont) #2: Under Full SailEurokids: Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #3: Full Sail

New! Quick & Flupke (Egmont) #2: Under Full Sail

By: Egmont

As: 'Unde Full Sail'

ISBN: 9781405247436 (58p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

Bull Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #3: Full Sail

By: Eurokids

ISBN: 9788128615733 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

Episodes: Naval Program, An Eye for an Eye, The Dog That Came Back, Locution, Back to School, Problem, Dowsing, Happy Easter!, Happy New Year!, A Picturesque Spot, Knowing How to Light a Fire, Demonstrative, A Good Picture, Lost in the Night, A Record, Penalty, Barely Believable, The Follies, Demand, The Tunnel, Winter Sports, New Year, and Peaceful Idleness.

5. 1986 Chacun son tourArt & Script: Hergé
Original CoverEurokids: Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #4: Its Your Turn

Bull Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #4: It's Your Turn

By: Eurokids

ISBN: 9788128615740 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

Episodes: Who Wants This Glove?, At the Optician's, Lullaby, Evangelical Love, The Dangers of Tobacco, The Little Genius, Angling, Sleeplessness, Make a Wish, Pointless Search, Music to Calm the Nerves, The Trials and Tribulations of Officer 15 (2), Speeding Police, Flupke the Goalkeeper, Crosswords, Broadcasting, The Rara Avis, The Rescuers, Flupke on Display, Camp at Night, Acrobatics, Foolish Games, and Vernal Poem.

6. 1987 Pas de quartierArt & Script: Hergé
Original CoverEurokids: Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #5: Without Mercy

Bull Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #5: Without Mercy

By: Eurokids

ISBN: 9788128615757 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

Episodes: A Bit of History, Quick Out West, Be Kind to Animals, Swimming, Quick the Golf Pro, Horseriding, Windstorm, A Nice Surprise, Sports, Essay, Skating, Light Headed, Cleaning Day, Circus Games, A Nice "Shot", Rescue, Automatic Door Closer, A Good Line of Work, A Beautiful-Target, Payback, Camping (1), (2), and (3).

7. 1987 Pardon madameArt & Script: Hergé
Original CoverEurokids: Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #6: Excuse Me Maam

Bull Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #6: Excuse Me Ma'am

By: Eurokids

ISBN: 9788128615764 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

Episodes: If I Had a Million, Sad Story, Winning Ticket, The Road of Virtue, The Continuing Business, Hunting Story, The Child Prodigy, Nature's Response..., Everything's Fine, Reform, Gratitude, It's Your Turn, Vendetta, Faith in Publicity, Afraid of Germs, Thunderstorm, Simple Question, Eternal Youth, A Great Traveler, Caution, Bad Encounter, Meteorology, The Great Resource, and The Punished Artist.

8. 1987 Vive le progrèsArt & Script: Hergé
Original CoverEurokids: Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #7: Long Live Progress

Bull Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #7: Long Live Progress

By: Eurokids

ISBN: 9788128615771 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

Episodes: Back to School, Valve Painting, Ostrich Eggs, Return to the Soil, Higher Education, The Mosquito, Serious Customers, Obsession, Among Artists, Deafness, Happy Easter, Surplus Value, Natural Bronzing, Swaps, Long Live Vacations, Clarification, Progress, Traffic, Break-in, The Example, About-Face, No Deal, and Resolution.

9. 1988 CatastropheArt & Script: Hergé
Original CoverEurokids: Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #8: Catastrophe

Bull Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #8: Catastrophe

By: Eurokids

ISBN: 9788128615788 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

Episodes: Vocation, No! Carnival is Not Dead!, There's a Butterfly, and Then There's a Butterfly, The Alarm, The World As Flupke Would Like It (1), (2), & (3), The Remedy, Interview, He Wanted a Disaster, Mix Up, Upper-Style Horsemanship, An Inner Man, Apropos, The Art of Diving, Spiritualism, The Etruscan Vase, Secret Police, The Hiccup, Quick Builds a Wireless System, Pilfering, The Pancakes, and Patient Flupke.

10. 1989 Farces et attrapesArt & Script: Hergé
Original CoverEurokids: Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #9: Pranks and Jokes

Bull Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #9: Pranks and Jokes

By: Eurokids

ISBN: 9788128615795 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

Episodes: Gardening, Sharpshooter, Heat, A Breakdown, Quick the Mechanic, Quick the Cabinetmaker, Well-Endorsed, House Chores, Simple Loan, Ball, Flytrap, Trapeze, Flupke the Model Maker, Constructions, A Masterstroke, Barely Believable, You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover, The Rocket, The Scrupulous Artist, The Prey, For Christmas, Temptation, and Beekeeping.

11. 1990 Coups de bluffArt & Script: Hergé
Original CoverEurokids: Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #10: Bluffmasters

Bull Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #10: Bluffmasters

By: Eurokids

ISBN: 9788128615801 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

Episodes: Boating, Technicality, Intuition, The Cat and the Mouse, Quick's Toothache, Championship, Time is Money, Pedestrian Crossing, Cruelty, At Last the Sun, Bluff, Pastoral, Superstition, Perfumery, Be Kind to Animals!, Cold Shower, The Look-Alike, Tire Story, Suspicions, Harassments, World Record, Stability, Logic, and Experience.

12. 1991 Attachez vos ceinturesArt & Script: Hergé | Color: Studio Hergé
Original CoverEgmont: Quick & Flupke (Egmont) #1: Fasten Your Seat BeltEurokids: Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #11: Fasten Your Seat Belt

New! Quick & Flupke (Egmont) #1: Fasten Your Seat Belt

By: Egmont

ISBN: 9781405247429 (58p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

Bull Quick & Flupke (Eurokids) #11: Fasten Your Seat Belt

By: Eurokids

ISBN: 9788128615818 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

Episodes: Real Cleaning, A Poor Woman, Seascape, Quick Learns Boxing, Music to Calm the Nerves, Pacifism, The Unbeatable, Advertisement, Method of Work, Quick the Clockmaker, Soccer, At the Auto Show, Crazy Story, A Serious Affair, Argumentativeness, Music-Mad Quick, So Do It, Innocence, Children's Rights, The Recipe, Yo-Yo, Metamorphoses, and Legless Cripple Story.