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 Sample of Playback


Art: François Ayroles

Script: Ted Benoît

Status: One Shot

Genre: Detective/Thriller

Chandler's 1948 screenplay was presumed lost until its rediscovery in Universal Studios' archives in the 1980s, although the author had adapted it into a Philip Marlowe novel in the meantime. More recently, a French publisher adapted it into a graphic novel that is now being presented in English for the first time. While the story has down the requisite cynicism, acerbic humor and casual violence of film noir, it lacks the compelling plots and timeless characters of the author's classic scripts. A whodunit centering on Betty Mayfield, a beautiful, doomed woman on the run from a troubled past, Playback starts promisingly enough with tough, brisk dialogue and the unusual Vancouver setting. Yet by the third act the plot is bogged down by its own dejected heroine, as Betty's permanent air of defeat proves more tiring than tragic.

2004 114p.Playback
Original CoverArcade Publishing: Playback

Bull Playback

By: Arcade Publishing

ISBN: 9781559707961 (120p.) (2006) Format: Hardcover