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 Sample of Piranese


Art: Milo Manara

Script: Milo Manara

Color: Sophie Dumas

Status: Abandoned

Genre: Science Fiction

1. 2002 48p.Fuga da Piranesi Piranese
Original CoverDark Horse: Manara Library, The #6: Escape From Piranese and Other StoriesHeavy Metal: Piranese: The Prison Planet

New! Manara Library, The #6: Escape From Piranese and Other Stories

By: Dark Horse

As: 'Escape From Piranesi'

ISBN: 9781616555412 (144p.) (2015) Format: Hardcover, Dustjacket

Bull Piranese: The Prison Planet

By: Heavy Metal

As: 'The Prison Planet'

ISBN: 9781932413229 (52p.) (2004) Format: Hardcover

No one knows if Paradise exists. But Hell is real. It is Piranese, the prison planet where all the outcasts of the empire are held. No one escapes and there is only the faintest hope of survival. But now this order is disturbed by the appearance of a your woman who has avoided the genetic tyranny of the guardians. Will she be the liberator that all await?