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 Sample of Pinocchio


Art: Winshluss

Script: Winshluss

Color: Frédéric Felder, Thomas Bernard, Frédéric Boniaud, Cizo

Status: One Shot

In this dark rendition, a greedy Geppetto builds Pinocchio as a metallic weapon of war, while Jiminy Cockroach is a homeless squatter living the good life in Pinocchio's skull. Winshluss creates an epic adventure through a lush world. As we follow Pinocchio along the way, the stories and vinettes intertwine, offering subtle political critiques and send ups of popular culture. Winshluss has perfected the wordless comic. Each page is perfectly composed - not a panel is wasted. The artwork is primarily done in pen and ink, and watercolor but switches to paint for larger splash panels.

2008 184p.Pinocchio
Original CoverKnockabout: PinocchioLast Gasp: Pinocchio

New! Pinocchio

By: Knockabout

ISBN: 9780861661725 (192p.) (2011) Format: Hardcover

Bull Pinocchio

By: Last Gasp

ISBN: 9780867197518 (192p.) (2011) Format: Softcover