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 Sample of Pikku Närhi


Pikku Närhi

Art: Lauri Ahonen

Script: Jaakko Ahonen

Status: One Shot

Poor Jaybird is a timid young chick who has never left his family home - and never will, if his elderly and domineering mother has anything to do with it. The time is coming, however, when he may have to face the world head-on. Jaybird was originally released as a digital comic and won huge acclaim from fans. This printed version is the result of a dedicated 3-year quest for crowd-funding - and it is certainly worth the wait. Jaybird is a real artistic triumph, a beautifully-realised, almost completely silent tale about the last in a generation.

2012 128p.Pikku Närhi
Original CoverDark Horse: Jaybird

New! Jaybird

By: Dark Horse

ISBN: 9781616554699 (128p.) (2014) Format: Hardcover