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 Sample of Période glaciaire

Louvre Museum 1

Période glaciaire

Art: Nicolas De Crécy

Script: Nicolas De Crécy

Color: Denis Deprez

Status: One Shot

Genre: Anticipation

When Enfant Terrible Nicolas de Crecy went to the Louvre for the first time, he marvelled at the incredible richness of the museum's collection, feeling overwhelmed, small and ignorant. The result is a story set thousands of years hence, in a glacial period where all human history has been forgotten - when a small group of archaeologists fall upon the Louvre, buried in snow.

2005 74p.Période glaciaire
Original CoverNBM: Louvre museum #2: Glacial Period

Bull Louvre museum #2: Glacial Period


ISBN: 9781561634835 (80p.) (2007) Format: Softcover