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 Sample of Pandora Box

Pandora's Box

Pandora Box

Script: Alcante

Color: Usagi

Status: Ended

Genre: Anticipation

Each volume in the series links a deadly sin to Greek mythology and to modern technology.

1. 2005 46p.L'orgueilArt: Didier Pagot | Color: Christophe Araldi
Original CoverCinebook: Pandoras Box #1: Pride

Bull Pandora's Box #1: Pride

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460816 (48p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

Vanity, cloning and the myth of Narcissus: when the race for power overrules ethical probity. In the US, the Presidential campaign heats up. Narcissus Shimmer, who is campaigning for re-election as head of State, leads all the polls. Ron Grubb, a private investigator, is hired by the opposition to dig out the dirt on Narcissus Shimmer and bring him down. Grubb discovers a baby shrouded in secret, whose birth was monitored by one of the country's leading biotechnologists. Has Grubb discovered the first human clone? Will the most powerful man on earth, Narcissus Shimmer, be dethroned?

2. 2005 46p.La paresseArt: Vujadin Radovanovic
Original CoverCinebook: Pandoras Box #2: Sloth

Bull Pandora's Box #2: Sloth

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180061 (48p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

Sloth, doping and the Trojan War: What is the price to pay for a gold medal at the Olympics? Paris Troy is a sprinter whose 100m record has remained undefeated for nine years. He has never cheated before, but now, as the Istanbul Olympic Games approach, a bad injury hinders his performance and a newcomer, Ace, is threatening his dominance. Paris finds it increasingly difficult to push himself to improve his time, so when his brother suggests doping, Paris is tempted. Will the runner let this highly destructive element into his life? What price is he ready to pay for victory? Is victory "real" when achieved with chemical help?

3. 2005 50p.La gourmandiseArt: Steven Dupré
Original CoverCinebook: Pandoras Box #3: Gluttony

Bull Pandora's Box #3: Gluttony

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180191 (48p.) (2010) Format: Softcover

Teze has been appointed head of a food agency by his father, who trusts him to stand up to big business interests. He notices a sudden recent resurgence in the number of tests done to determine the presence of mad cow disease. So far, all the results have been negative, but the fact that this testing is happening on such a huge scale sends alarm bells ringing. Teze now has to deal with the interests of the intensive farming lobby. He becomes increasingly frustrated by the fact that several of the big companies are trying to influence his thinking and to convince him to let them off the hook. Teze stands firm and introduces an even more stringent form of testing. This time, the results seem to point to a new, more virulent strain of mad cow disease. Could man's gluttony be at the heart of the problem?

4. 2005 46p.La luxureArt: Roland Pignault
Original Cover
5. 2005 46p.L'avariceArt: Erik Juszezak
Original CoverCinebook: Pandoras Box #4: Greed

Bull Pandora's Box #4: Greed

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180474 (48p.) (2010) Format: Softcover

John Midas is a financial genius. For years he's made a killing on the stock market. He's one of the richest men on earth... and on Wall Street, he's a legend. The only thing he loves more than money is his daughter, who lives a simple life away from his gold-plated world. Now Midas has his eye set on Brazil and its currency-but fate may not let him pull off his scheme without extracting a steep price.

6. 2005 52p.L'envieArt: Alain Henriet
Original CoverCinebook: Pandoras Box #5: Envy

Bull Pandora's Box #5: Envy

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180795 (48p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

Tibor and Eva work at Synapse, a corporation specialised in advanced software engineering. One day, a simple industrial accident throws their lives into chaos. Who is the beautiful mathematician Alicia Pallas, founder of Synapse? The sinister Blacksmith, who relentlessly hunts Eva and Tibor? The rich and powerful Mr King, who seems to be pulling all the strings? And, more importantly, who are Tibor and Eva themselves, and what terrible purpose is hidden behind their existence?

7. 2006 52p.La colèreArt: Damour
Original Cover
8. 2006 54p.L'espéranceArt: Didier Pagot | Color: Christophe Araldi
Original Cover