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 Sample of Nicky Saxx

Nicky Saxx

Art: Mink Oosterveer

Script: Willem Ritstier

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Adventure

1. Bedrog / Vergiffenis
Original Cover

Drop-dead gorgeous Private Eye Nicky Saxx pursues cases beyond the reach of most investigators, especially when she's joined by her friend, parapsychologist Ella Steiner. With these two on the prowl, no secret is safe, including Ella's own dark secret.

2. PSI / Onkruid
Original Cover
3. W.W.T. / Intens
Original Cover
4. Complot / Loos
Original CoverSAF Comics: Nicky Saxx: Room 666

Bull Nicky Saxx: Room 666

By: SAF Comics

As: 'Deceit / Sign'

ISBN: N/A (48p.) (2007) Format: Hardcover


5. Teken / Lijn
Original Cover
6. Fataal / Link
Original Cover