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 Sample of Nic



Art: Hermann

Script: Morphée

Color: Vittorio Leonardo

Status: Ended

Genre: Humour

1. 1981 46p.Hé, Nic ! Tu rêves ?
Original CoverSAF Comics: Nick #1: Hey, Nick! Are You Dreaming?

Bull Nick #1: Hey, Nick! Are You Dreaming?

By: SAF Comics

ISBN: 9781593960155 (48p.) (2003) Format: Hardcover

Contains (English):

Strange Captain Bang (8p)

A Very Mysterious Island (8p)

In the Memory of Little Nemo (9p)

Moby Dick and the Great Cacha (8p)

Captain Bang's Zoo (8p)

Nick is a kid who loves animals, but his parents don't, so all he can do is read and wish. Nick falls asleep reading his favorite book. That night, he dreams about animals. Over the course of five dreams, Nick discovers Captain Bang's floating zoo. The Captain's rage makes him a very bad zookeeper. He literally explodes with rage and disappears, later popping up somewhere else. Nick risks the Captain's wrath and frees the animals. He then uses his dream powers to protect them, learning about real life in the process.

2. 1982 46p.Bonnes nuits, Nic
Original CoverSAF Comics: Nick #2: Good Night, Nick!

Bull Nick #2: Good Night, Nick!

By: SAF Comics

ISBN: 9780907675259 (48p.) (2004) Format: Hardcover

Contains (English):

Tiny Mice, Big Trouble (8p)

Downpour and Elephant's trunk (8p)

It's the Little Boy Who Steers the Train (9p)

There Are No Seasons Any More (8p)

And the Little One Was Pushing (8p)

3. 1983 46p.Cà, c'est Filarmo, Nic
Original Cover