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 Sample of New-York Miami

New York/Miami

New-York Miami

Art: Loustal

Script: Philippe Paringaux

Status: One Shot

Genre: Chronicle

1. 1980 69p.New-York Miami
Original CoverCatalan Communications: New York/Miami

Bull New York/Miami

By: Catalan Communications

As: 'New York / Miami'

ISBN: 9780874160734 (64p.) (1990) Format: Softcover

Contains (English):

New York / Miami (4p)

Blues (4p)

Cruisin' in a Buick (4p)

Miss Fan USA (6p)

La vie en Blues (3p)

The Great White Hunter (7p)

The Question (4p)

Marcello (4p)

Apricot Juice, a 6.35 and a Stuck Horn (4p)

Keep Cool, Johnny (2p)

Manolete, One More Time (10p)