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 Sample of Munch


Art: Steffen Kverneland

Script: Steffen Kverneland

Status: One Shot

Genre: Biography

Writer and artist Steffen Kverneland brings the story of one of the world s most influential painters to vivid life. This extraordinary, inventive graphic novel uses text drawn exclusively from the quotes of Edvard Munch and his contemporaries. Filled with authenticity and life, Munch debunks the familiar myth of the half-mad expressionist painter anguished, starving, and ill-treated and draws out his neglected sense of humor and optimism. Born out of a lifelong fascination with Munch s life and work, Kverneland's seven-year project is a landmark of graphic biography and the funniest, most entertaining portrait yet of a complex man and the pioneering artist behind The Scream

2013 280p.Munch
Original CoverSelfMadeHero: Art Masters #1: Munch

New! Art Masters #1: Munch

By: SelfMadeHero

ISBN: 9781910593127 (280p.) (2016) Format: Softcover