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 Sample of Mort de trouille

Scared to Death

Mort de trouille

Art: Mauricet

Script: Virginie Vanholme

Color: Louis-Laurent Carpentier

Status: Ended

Genre: Detective/Thriller

A series specially dedicated to young fantasy fans!

1. 2000 46p.Le vampire des marais
Original CoverCinebook: Scared to Death #1: The Vampire from the Marshes

Bull Scared to Death #1: The Vampire from the Marshes

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781905460472 (48p.) (2008) Format: Softcover

This series showcases the strange adventures of two adolescent friends, Robin and Max. All of the classic fantasy themes are touched on: sorcery, fairies, werewolves, ghosts... a must for fans of suspense and terror. In the first album, while secretly consulting the medical files of his father (a forensic scientist), Robin discovers the photo of a man whose body is pierced by hundreds of holes. Persuaded that this death is the work of a vampire, Robin and his friend Max go after the suspected murderer...

2. 2001 46p.L'esprit de la cantatrice
Original Cover
3. 2003 46p.Maléfice et mandragore
Original CoverCinebook: Scared to Death #2: .,3-*6+44758ks

Bull Scared to Death #2: .,3-*6+44758ks

By: Cinebook

As: 'Malevolence and Mandrake'

ISBN: 9781905460779 (48p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

It's Halloween and Thomas, Robin's and Max's friend disappears. Then a new girl starts in their class and Max is more than happy to keep her company! But who is she? Where does she come from? Where is Thomas? Surrounded by pumpkins, bats and witches, Emma the newcomer has all the students entranced. Luckily, the ever-watchful Sophie feels something is wrong and investigates...

4. 2004 44p.Dans l'ombre de la bêteColor: Benoît Bekaert
Original CoverCinebook: Scared to Death #3: In The Shadow Of The Beast

Bull Scared to Death #3: In The Shadow Of The Beast

By: Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180221 (48p.) (2010) Format: Softcover

Robin is spending the holidays at his grandmother's with Max, and the two boys are gearing up for a quiet time. But there is very little peace to be found in Saint-Tournon: A mysterious beast is killing sheep, leaving no clue as to its nature, and local imagination is running wild. What is truly happening? Who is the old crone who lives alone with her goats, and why is she so at odds with the fire-and-brimstone priest? Is the Devil really hiding in the woods? Max and Robin will have to investigate...

5. 2005 46p.Expériences interditesColor: Benoît Bekaert
Original Cover