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 Sample of Mon fiston

My Son

Mon fiston

Art: Olivier Schrauwen

Script: Olivier Schrauwen

Status: One Shot

Genre: Story

A tiny little boy and his single father are the heroes of these unpredictable adventures that soon take a disastrous turn. The kid's small size makes him the ideal prey to crocodiles, the Pygmies' hostage, and in brief, the victim of numerous traps. Strongly reminiscent of early American colour comic strips (as as Feininger's), Olivier Schrauwen's work oozes a crazy humour that brings out the father's love to his son.

2006 56p.Mon Fiston
Original CoverBries: My Boy

Bull My Boy

By: Bries

ISBN: 9789076708430 (64p.) (2006) Format: Softcover