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 Sample of Misc Sempé


Misc Sempé

Art: Sempé

Script: Sempé

Status: Ongoing

1. 1975 Rien n'est simple
Original CoverPhaidon: Nothing is Simple

Bull Nothing is Simple

By: Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714844831 (148p.) (2006) Format: Hardcover

Nothing is simple was the first book of Sempé drawings, originally published in 1962. In this classic Sempé collection, we find a timeless mix of everyday moments and surreal situations, captured with characteristic playfulness and attention to detail. Sempé's world is populated by nosy neighbors, mischievous schoolboys and thwarted lovers, by snooty holidaymakers and crowds of frustrated commuters in the big city. In one classic series, a woman looks horrified to witness an accident involving a truck, a restaurant-front and several bystander, and rushes to her friend's house to report, not of the accident, but the fact that she saw her friend's husband stepping out of a nearby bar with another woman. These inimitable drawings and watercolors, accompanied by perfectly judged deadpan captions, are fresh, engaging and hilarious.

2. 1963 108p.Tout se complique
Original CoverPhaidon: Everything is Complicated

Bull Everything is Complicated

By: Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714845425 (144p.) (2006) Format: Hardcover

3. 1964 120p.Sauve qui peut
Original Cover
4. 1975 60p.Monsieur Lambert
Original CoverPhaidon: Monsieur Lambert

Bull Monsieur Lambert

By: Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714846231 (166p.) (2006) Format: Hardcover

MONSIEUR LAMBERT offers a glimpse into the everyday lives and secret passions of a group of regulars at a small Parisian bistro, who see each other for lunch every day, without fail. They are creatures of habit, eating the same set meals on the same day, week in and week out. One day, however, one of their group, Monsieur Lambert, does not turn up for lunch at his usual time, and the other regulars soon turn to speculating as to the reasons for the sudden and unexpected changes in their fellow diner - it surely must be because of a woman, they conclude. Why does he develop a taste for terrine, a dish he has previously always despised?

5. 1972 110p.La grande panique
Original CoverPhaidon: Panic Stations

Bull Panic Stations

By: Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714846743 (120p.) (2008) Format: Hardcover

6. 1968 106p.St Tropez
Original Cover
7. 1976 150p.Information consommation (L')
Original Cover
9. 1970 110p.Des hauts et des bas
Original CoverPhaidon: Highs and Lows

Bull Highs and Lows

By: Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714846736 (112p.) (2007) Format: Hardcover

12. 1975 104p.L'ascension sociale de mr lambert
Original Cover
13. 1977 56p.Simple question d'équilibre
Original Cover
14. 1988 92p.Un léger décalage
Original Cover
17. 1983 100p.De bon matin
Original Cover
18. 1985 100p.Vaguement compétitif
Original Cover
19. 1987 99p.Luxe, calme et volupté
Original CoverPhaidon: Ballet Dancers Fold & Send Stationary

Bull Ballet Dancers Fold & Send Stationary

By: Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714846767 (40p.) (2006) Format: Hardcover

Experience the joys of dancing, friendship and innocence whenever you use this innovative and appealing set. The sweet natured yet mischievous young faces, clad in the delicate dress of ballerinas, will inspire us all to spread the smile and write loved ones. This is the only stationery item of this type to feature the timeless and clever Sempé illustrations. BALLET DANCERS writing pad contains 40 sheets and features 8 different designs that will amuse children as well as adults and anyone with a love of dance.

20. 1990 Par avion
Original Cover
21. 1990 80p.Vacances
Original Cover
22. 1991 42p.Âmes soeurs
Original Cover
23. 1993 102p.Insondables mystères
Original Cover
24. 1995 92p.Raoul Taburin
Original CoverPhaidon: Raoul Taburin Keeps a Secret

New! Raoul Taburin Keeps a Secret

By: Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714849799 (96p.) (2010) Format: Hardcover

Ralph Sprockett is the story of a man who knows everything there is to know about bicycles, except how to ride one. An expert bicycle mechanic, thanks to constantly crashing and subsequently having to repair bikes as a child, he is admired by everyone in town for his skill and knowledge, so much so that they have even started refering to bicycles as 'sprockets' in his honour. No one knows his deep, dark secret - not even his wife knows that the great Ralph Sprockett cannot ride a bike. When his friend Noel, who is a photographer, announces that he would like to take a picture of Ralph riding his bike down a local hill, Ralph finally has to confront his fears, with unexpectedly dramatic results. Originally published in France in 1995, Ralph Sprockett is the perfect companion to Monsieur Lambert, Sempe's earlier graphic novel.

25. 1997 102p.Grands rêves
Original Cover
26. 1999 100p.Beau temps
Original CoverPhaidon: Sunny Spells

Bull Sunny Spells

By: Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714845449 (104p.) (2006) Format: Hardcover

SUNNY SPELLS explores a wide range of topics, from troubled relationships and existential crises to office politics and doping scandals in the literary world. Sempé's cast of characters includes pious churchgoers, amateur painters and lovelorn paleontologists, as well as psychiatrists, actors and football supporters.

27. 2002 132p.Le monde de Sempé
Original Cover
28. 1991 72p.L'histoire de Monsieur SommerScript: Patrick Süskind
Original Cover
29. 2002 132p.Le monde de Sempé 2
Original Cover
30. 2002 98p.Multiples intentions
Original CoverPhaidon: Mixed Messages

Bull Mixed Messages

By: Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714845432 (104p.) (2006) Format: Hardcover

31. 2005 Un peu de la France
32. 2007 103p.Sentiments distingués
Original Cover
33. 2009 300p.Sempé à new york
Original Cover