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 Sample of Minions, Les


Minions, Les

Art: Renaud Collin

Script: Didier Ah-Koon

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Humour

From the creators of Despicable Me comes a brand new movie adventure in yellow Minions. Brings together a collection of hilarious comic stories featuring everyones favourite yellow, banana-loving henchmen.

1. 2015 46p.Banana !
Original CoverTitan Books: Minions #1: Banana

New! Minions #1: Banana

By: Titan Books

ISBN: 9781782765547 (48p.) (2015) Format: Softcover

2. 2015 46p.Evil PanicScript: Lapuss'
Original CoverTitan Books: Minions #2: Evil Panic

New! Minions #2: Evil Panic

By: Titan Books

ISBN: 9781782765554 (48p.) (2015) Format: Softcover

They're back! This second graphic novel featuring the stars of the summer blockbuster movie, Minions, and the Despicable Me franchise brings together an all-new collection of entertaining comic stories.