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 Sample of Minerva


Art: Juan Emilio

Script: Juan Emilio

Genre: Erotic

1. 48p.Minerva 1
NBM/Eurotica: Minerva #1: Minerva 1

Bull Minerva #1: Minerva 1

By: NBM/Eurotica

ISBN: 9781561633388 (48p.) (2002) Format: Softcover

A gorgeously curvy Latina and her friends encounter more crazy sex situations than you can shake your... ur... stick at! And the sticks that are being shaken at her tend to be on the immense side. Voluptuous fully painted art.

2. 48p.Minerva 2
NBM/Eurotica: Minerva #2: Minerva 2

Bull Minerva #2: Minerva 2

By: NBM/Eurotica

ISBN: 9781561634736 (48p.) (2006) Format: Softcover