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 Sample of Max et Sven

Max and Sven

Max et Sven

Art: Tom Bouden

Script: Tom Bouden

Status: One Shot

Genre: Slice of Life

Max and Sven are childhood friends who maintain their friendship into adulthood despite Sven's being straight and Max's being gay. With equal doses of laugh-out-loud humor and wry insight, artist Tom Bouden highlights and dispels many misconceptions about gay and straight culture. Created in 1990 as part of an advertising campaign for a gay youth club, Max and Sven quickly rose to stardom with leading roles in their own comic.

2004 60p.Max et sven
Original CoverGreen Candy Press: Max & Sven

Bull Max & Sven

By: Green Candy Press

As: 'Max and Sven'

ISBN: 9781931160292 (96p.) (2004) Format: Softcover