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 Sample of Margot


Art: Massimiliano Frezzato

Script: Jérôme Charyn

Status: Ended

Genre: Graphic Novel

1. 1991 53p.Margot in Badtown
Original CoverHeavy Metal: Margot #1: in Badtown

Bull Margot #1: in Badtown

By: Heavy Metal

As: 'Margot in Badtown'

ISBN: 9781879450615 (56p.) (1991) Format: Hardcover

Margot and her wrecking crew have set up a free lunch program. She tries to feed and rehouse the people she evicts, and gets the attention of the Monk Foundation. Anjelica Monk tries to get Margo to work for the Foundation, then sends Joe Christmas to seduce Margot to the same end. Monk doesn't really want to fight poverty, though. He wants to tear down a substantial part of Spanish Harlem for a sports palace and housing for the rich. Joe Christmas has some success, but seems to be falling for Margot. Anjelica tries to kill him, but doesn't quite succeed, and he warns Margot. The two women fight on a rooftop, and Anjelica falls. Joe moves away.

2. 1995 63p.Margot queen of the night
Original CoverHeavy Metal: Margot #2: Queen of the NightHeavy Metal Special #12: 1995 Overdrive

Bull Margot #2: Queen of the Night

By: Heavy Metal

As: 'Margot queen of the night'

ISBN: 9781882931156 (63p.) (1997) Format: Hardcover

Bull Heavy Metal Special #12: 1995 Overdrive

As: 'Margot queen of the night'