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 Sample of Manhattan Beach 1957

Manhattan Beach 1957

Art: Hermann

Script: Yves H.

Status: One Shot

Genre: Police

John Reed is bored with his life and his uneventful police career in a sleepy town in Missouri - until a girl is found dead in the nearby forest. The event triggers suppressed memories of the summer of 1957, when John met Daisy and witnessed her tragedy.

2002 52p.Manhattan Beach 1957
Original CoverDark Horse: Trilogy USASAF Comics: Manhattan Beach 1957

New! Trilogy USA

By: Dark Horse

As: 'Manhattan Beach 1957'

ISBN: 9781616555078 (160p.) (2015) Format: Hardcover

Bull Manhattan Beach 1957

By: SAF Comics

ISBN: 9781931724234 (56p.) (2003) Format: Hardcover