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 Sample of Lucille


Art: Ludovic Debeurme

Script: Ludovic Debeurme

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Slice of Life

Winner of the Rene Goscinny Prize! With Lucille, Ludovic Debeurme takes on the difficult world of adolescence, following the life of a young anorexic woman and the difficult relationships she has with others, who have significant problems of their own. Influenced by psychoanalysis and the exploration of dreams, Debeurme explores life and fantasies with elegant clean graphics and a profound love of the games of childhood.

1. 2006 544p.Lucille
Original CoverTop Shelf Productions: Lucille

Bull Lucille

By: Top Shelf Productions

ISBN: 9781603090735 (544p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

2. 2011 464p.Renée
Original CoverTop Shelf Productions: Renee

New! Renee

By: Top Shelf Productions

ISBN: 9781603093040 (544p.) (2016) Format: Softcover

French graphic novelist Ludovic Debeurme returns with a devastating sequel to his prize-winning graphic novel LUCILLE. While Lucille moves back in with her overbearing mother and Arthur serves time in prison for murder, new character Renee becomes obsessed with a married jazz musician twice her age. Debeurme's haunting border-less panels follow these three lovers between dreams and reality, twining their stories together into a poignant and universal search for love.