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 Sample of Louisette la taupe

Molly the Mole

Louisette la taupe

Art: Bruno Heitz

Script: Bruno Heitz

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Youth

Atchoo! Molly the Mole has a terrible cold - what she needs is some good clean mountain air to clear her bunged-up chest. Her rabbit friends come up with a fantastic idea. Molly has just finished reading them the famous story of Odysseus who escaped from the Cyclops by hanging on to the fleece of a ram. They think Molly should travel up the mountain hanging onto a sheep when the shepherd takes his stock to higher pastures. But things don't go to plan when Molly's constant chatting attracts the attention of the shepherds!

1. 2005 28p.Rapidissimo
Original Cover
2. 2005 34p.Sardine express
Original Cover
3. 2007 34p.Mouton circus
Original CoverDalen: Molly the Mole: Woolly Circus

New! Molly the Mole: Woolly Circus

By: Dalen

ISBN: 9781906587253 (36p.) (2011) Format: Softcover

4. 2008 34p.Et un raton laveur !
Original Cover
5. 2008 34p.Boulevard du terminus
Original Cover
6. 2009 34p.Tri...patouillage
Original Cover
7. 2010 34p.Itinéraire bis
Original Cover
8. 2011 34p.L'heure du grimm
Original Cover