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 Sample of Lone racer

Lone Racer

Lone racer

Art: Nicolas Mahler

Script: Nicolas Mahler

Status: One Shot

Genre: Humour

From the cartoonist of Van Helsing's Night Off, comes another quirky introspective. Lone Racer is the story of a down-and-out racecar driver whose days of success are long gone. After a misguided attempt at bank robbery, where he is supposed to drive the getaway car, Lone Racer decides that the days of going downhill are over. Will Lone Racer get back on track?

1999 30p.Lone racer
Original CoverTop Shelf Productions: Lone Racer

Bull Lone Racer

By: Top Shelf Productions

ISBN: 9781891830693 (98p.) (2006) Format: Softcover