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 Sample of Livre de ..., Le

Book of Jack, The

Livre de ..., Le

Art: Olivier Boiscommun

Script: Denis-Pierre Filippi

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy

Young Jack must prove his courage to his friends so that he can become part of the gang. As part of his test, he must enter a house that is said to be haunted. There, he finds a mysterious book that tells his life story. Jack wants to return the book, but the next morning it has disappeared and Jack starts to transform into a werewolf. Now he must find the book and discover a way to break the terrible curse that has befallen him. A highly imaginative and entertaining tale of the supernatural.

1. 2000 46p.Le livre de Jack
Original CoverHumanoids: The Book of Jack

Bull The Book of Jack

By: Humanoids

ISBN: 9781930652194 (48p.) (2002) Format: Hardcover

2. 2002 46p.Le livre de Sam
Original Cover