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 Sample of Little Ego

Little Ego

Art: Vittorio Giardino

Script: Vittorio Giardino

Status: One Shot

Genre: Erotic

1989 46p.Little Ego
Original CoverNBM: Little EgoHeavy Metal: Little EgoCatalan Communications: Little Ego

Bull Little Ego


ISBN: 9781561630943 (48p.) (1989) Format: Softcover

Bull Little Ego

By: Heavy Metal

ISBN: 9781932413625 (48p.) (2006) Format: Softcover

Bull Little Ego

By: Catalan Communications

ISBN: 9780874160697 (48p.) (1989) Format: Softcover

Contains (English):

Flowers From Ulrico (2p) (Heavy Metal #144: 1993 May)

Nothing Like A Good Hot Bath (2p)

Wonder Why I Bought This Little Number (2p) (Heavy Metal #144: 1993 May)

Of Course It's Raining (2p)

I Wish My Tits Were Bigger (2p) (Heavy Metal #144: 1993 May)

Compact, Lipstick, Lighter... Ready (4p) (Heavy Metal #145: 1993 July)

What, Still In Bed (4p) (Heavy Metal #146: 1993 September)

Africa, Hot, Burning (5p) (Heavy Metal #147: 1993 November)

It's Still Rising, What (5p) (Heavy Metal #148: 1994 January)

Not a Soul Anywhere... (4p) (Heavy Metal #149: 1994 March)

There, Hurry, We're Late (4p) (Heavy Metal #151: 1994 July)

Here, Let Me Go, No Please (4p) (Heavy Metal #258: 2012 May 35th Anniversary Issue)

(Heavy Metal #150: 1994 May)

Is That Your Castle (4p) (Heavy Metal #152: 1994 September)

Ego is Upset (4p) (Heavy Metal #158: 1995 September)