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 Sample of Lenfance dAlan

How the World Was: A California Childhood

L'enfance d'Alan

Art: Emmanuel Guibert

Script: Emmanuel Guibert

Status: One Shot

Genre: Biography

Emmanuel Guibert's first graphic biography, Alan's War, followed the wartime adventures of Alan Cope, a friend of the artist who served as an American GI in France during World War II. In How the World Was, Guibert revisits Cope's story, this time focusing on his childhood in California during the Great Depression. This remarkable graphic novel details the little moments that make a young man's life...while capturing the scope of America during the great depression. A lyrical, touching portrait, How the World Was is a gift for a dear friend in the last moments of his life...and a meditation on the birth of modern America.

2012 154p.L'enfance d'Alan
Original CoverFirst Second: How the World Was: A California Childhood

Bull How the World Was: A California Childhood

By: First Second

ISBN: 9781596436640 (160p.) (2014) Format: Softcover