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 Sample of Keires


Art: Michele Petrucci

Script: Michele Petrucci

Status: One Shot

Genre: Detective/Thriller

Keires, in ancient Greek, means "hands" - the essence of creation. As a killer murders and mutilates his victims without any apparent logic, a misogynist detective, a university teacher searching for perfection, a sculptor trying to forget his awful past, and a group of students get involved in a thrilling tale of blood and suspicion. Everything revolves around a mysterious death that will lead the characters to a bitter end, where innocence and guilt mix together and truth proves herself to be just the last work created by the hands of man

2002 88p.Keires
Original CoverSLG: Due

Bull Due


As: 'Keires'

ISBN: 9781593620165 (136p.) (2005) Format: Softcover