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 Sample of Judith et Holopherne

Judith & Holophernes

Judith et Holopherne

Art: Riverstone

Script: Riverstone

Status: One Shot

Genre: Erotic

Riverstone, the Renaissance Master of adult comics illustrates another episode from the pages of the best selling book of all time: The Bible. King Holophernes has invaded Hebrew lands and is closing on Bethulia. Judith and her servant Esther come to Holophernes' camp to plead with him for his clemency. It just happens that Holophernes has a tremendous...er.. weapon that he gets to use on war captives... And what you expected does indeed happen... Of course, you might as well pick up your Bible and read all about it... But you wouldn't get the fabulous painted artwork of Riverstone to raise you spirits even higher.

2003 61p.Judith et holopherne
Original CoverLast Gasp: Judith & Holophernes

Bull Judith & Holophernes

By: Last Gasp

ISBN: 9780867195293 (62p.) (2003) Format: Softcover