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 Sample of In God We Trust

In God We Trust

Art: Winshluss

Script: Winshluss

Color: Frédéric Boniaud

Status: One Shot

Genre: Alternative

Five years after the magnificent Pinocchio (Konckabout, 2011), Winshluss returns with the hilarious In God We Trust. His multi-levelled retelling of The Bible revises the founding myths of the holy book. We are guided through the maze of the Old and New Testament by St. Franky, with a nose like a straw-berry from drinking altar wine and a sceptical atti-tude. With him, we visit the scenes of Scripture and believe it or not, this is not what we thought! A true spiritual journey, In God We Trust is an absurd epic with startling ranging of drawing on display.

2013 97p.In God We Trust
Original CoverKnockabout: In God We Trust

New! In God We Trust

By: Knockabout

ISBN: 9780861662357 (104p.) (2015) Format: Hardcover