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 Sample of Ici Même

You Are There

Ici Même

Art: Jacques Tardi

Script: Jean-Claude Forest

Status: One Shot

Genre: Graphic Novel

You Are There is set on a small island off the coast of France, where unscrupulous landowners have succeeded in overtaking the land from the last heir of a previously wealthy family. His domain now reduced to the walls that border the patches of land he used to own, the half-mad fellow prowls the walls all day, eking out a living by collecting tolls at each gate. His seemingly hopeless struggle to recover his birthright becomes complicated as the government sees a way of using his plight for the sake of political expediency, and the romantic intervention of the daughter of one of the landowners (who has her own sordid history with the politician) engenders further difficulties.

1979 179p.Ici Même
Original CoverFantagraphics: You Are There

Bull You Are There

By: Fantagraphics

ISBN: 9781606996485 (192p.) (2009) Format: Softcover

Contains (English):

The Land Within (19p)

Julie (15p)

In Mourning (13p)

Good Lord, What a Spring (18p)

Sometimes I Tell Lies, Too (15p)

The Storm Arouses Me... (12p)

There You Go, That's The Illness (13p)

I Have A Firend Whose Ship Is Sinking (16p)

The Pining (12p)

Today: Nothing (12p)

Arthur... Turn Back! (18p)