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 Sample of Homme perdu dans le brouillard, L

Lost in Fog

Homme perdu dans le brouillard, L'

Art: Matthieu Berthod

Script: Georges Ramaïoli

Status: One Shot

Genre: Adaptation

Snowbound for several days in the family chalet during a particularly bad winter in the Swiss Alps, comic artist Matthieu Berthod began reading some of the fascinating books in his grandfather's library. Included on those bookshelves were volumes of the complete works of C. F. Ramuz in a pale yellow moleskin binding which, by their very luster, were just begging to be taken down from the shelves. He chose the volume 'Nouvelles et Morceaux' (1910) and began to read the stories. The old man recalling the time in his youth when he was totally lost in fog on the mountain and thought himself dead for sure. The village trollop whose history brings normal moral judgment into question. The final days of an old man who thought himself possessed and then a tale which crosses the threshold of the supernatural to delight in paradise.

2011 60p.L'homme perdu dans le brouillard
Original CoverPonent Mon S.L.: Lost in Fog

Bull Lost in Fog

By: Ponent Mon S.L.

ISBN: 9781908007124 (80p.) (2012) Format: Hardcover