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 Sample of Exterminateur 17

Exterminator 17

Exterminateur 17

Art: Enki Bilal

Script: Jean-Pierre Dionnet

Color: Patricia Bilal

Status: One Shot

Genre: Science Fiction

A force of battle androids is observed in action by the old man who first created successful androids. He sees a model 17, which was the first viable one, made from his own body cells. Peace is declared, so the androids are killed to avoid political complications. The old man is dying, and regrets the destructive power he has unleashed. He dies and is resurrected on the battlefield in the body of Exterminator 17. The humans see an android come back to life and realize this might cause a rebellion, so they hire Neo-Puritans to kill 17. Meanwhile 17 has taken up the cause of freeing all the androids. The Neo-Puritans learn about 17's supernatural resurrection and let him go, and he destroys the human military establishment. The androids are released, and fly off to the stars on rockets.

1979 70p.Exterminateur 17
Original CoverHumanoids: Exterminator 17Catalan Communications: Exterminator 17Heavy Metal #19: 1978 October [+5 magazines]

Bull Exterminator 17

By: Humanoids

ISBN: 9781930652507 (66p.) (2002) Format: Hardcover

Bull Exterminator 17

By: Catalan Communications

ISBN: 9780874160246 (60p.) (1986) Format: Softcover

Bull Heavy Metal #19: 1978 October [+5 magazines]

As: 'Exterminator 17'